AUCOE.ANNAUNIV.EDU RESULTS 2018 – REJINPAUL RESULTS 2018 results 2018 and Rejinpaul results 2018 – An Anna University portal is ready to updating result date for this month end OR Jan first week. This server is remembering result date is daily basis. In previous semester June 2017, the students had got good percentage is our board examinations i.e. 84.5% (Overall).
Now we can expect more than 85% in this Nov Dec 2017 Jan 2018 examinations. The pass mark is 50/100. But theory examinations marks will be converting into 80 marks only. So you can take at least 14 internal marks for all subjects. There are three ways to checking Anna university results on this time.
· First students should be going to or
·    Secondly, peoples also try for
·   Finally, Aucoe server i.e. aucoe Anna univ result 134679852 b grade , c grade OR Coe2 annaunivedu co 2017 sdpdr Anna university results nic univ 2018 query.
These are queries are using by individual students. Go 2 note site is only gives correct information for all time. This website will work for current students and passed out students. Result 2018 UPDATES Nov Dec 2017 Jan 2018
October 24
End of exam
December 24
Result date
January 2018

The Aucoe result status is still pending an Anna university Controller of examinations. While result is publishing we will inform and update above schedule.
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